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Mission Statement

Holistic Veterinary Center in Lacey, Olympia Area

At the Holistic Veterinary Center we specialize in complementary holistic veterinary care for dogs and cats as well as traditional western medicine. In holistic medicine we treat the whole system not just the current symptom. The Holistic Veterinary Center specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition. These non-traditional treatment methods in combination with regular western medicine are used to enhance your pets overall healing and general well-being.  Our veterinarians are happy to discuss these and many other options in order to develop an individualized treatment plan for your pet.

We enjoy working with many veterinarians in a team fashion and would encourage good communication between all veterinarians involved. With your permission, we send our records to your other doctors. We strive to enhance the “Fear Free” visit. There are quite a few strategies we have put in place to provide a comfortable, calm and quiet environment for you and your pet to heal.


Treating the whole system not just the current symptom